Knowing it's not safe to travel with an omega in heat near other alphas, John and Sam make the trek to spend the week at Bobby's to wait out Dean's heat. It could have been more Braxton Hicks and you didnt want to worry him. Supernatural fans know that there's a very short list of what Dean Winchester holds nearest and dearest, and it would probably go in the order of: 1.) "Dean felt a mixture of livid, horrified, and amused, he stayed silent, trying to piece together his thoughts. #kevintran His due date was two days after next weeks graduation, but well before the wedding. You looked up at Dean who wore a shocked and somewhat panicked expression. Let go, then." Dean cheerfully walks beside Sam to the Carrigan's front door. Youre not sick. Cas' eyes never left the road ahead. This time, Sam and Dean thought they knew what they were in for, but this pregnancy quickly becomes much more complicated than the first one. The case will be a mystery but he will get the shock of his life. Looks like youve got a healthy baby boy, guys. The grin on Deans face was beautiful. Once upon a rainy morning, Jared Padalecki opens the door to a rain-soaked, pregnant omega who claims that Jared is the other father. Jensen still cant explain why to this day, but the sound of Jeffs serious and concerned voice, one look at his tiny little baby mewling softly on the couch, and the stress and pain of the situation and suddenly he burst out crying. When Dean came to get Sam at school, he'd brushed that "Hoodoo case in New Orleans" off as no big deal. "We're here to ask you about the wreath you made. Pregnancy made it hard to think, though, and during the entire test he was having Braxton Hicks contractions, making it even more difficult to concentrate. Why dont we get him on the phone, okay? Jeff gingerly placated. Yeah? Jensen gasped out, clutching desperately to his professors hand like a lifeline as the next wave of pain assaulted him barely seconds after the last. Pregnant and lonely, Omega!Dean needs something. I just want a lot of Dean holding his stomach protectively and John feeling guilty for being an asshole to Dean when he needed him the most. Is now really the best time to read, Sam? Castiel asked, cocking his head to the side. Wait Jeff, he snagged his Professors wrist and stared pleadingly into his eyes. Castiel and Dean have just had their first child. To relieve some tension he and Onara, a small town bar tender, end up spending one night with each other and leave it at that. So he takes what jobs he can that fit around taking care of the baby, including one as a life drawing model. Now? Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jared Padalecki. fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, jo/sam | post-pregnancy | crack; spanking; post-apocalyptic; rimming. You can do this, sweetheart. I don't remember which ones they were, otherwise I'd write them down, just. (And not that it's of any import, but the few and far moments where Jared doesn't want to dangle Sterling from the edge of the highest floor of their building which was very tall, mind he really did enjoy his job). Castiel is Heaven-bent on creating the new, better order, but for every King there must be a Queen. A few hours after the baby's born, Sam can't hide it anymore. Witches usually are in the scope of hunters. I dont think so, Jensen replied, earning glares from the remaining students, and returned to his test without a second thought. But when a stranger helps him out after his car breaks down, he finds himself with an arrangement that could be more permanent. Wherein Castiel broaches a delicate subject and Dean reacts unfavorably. Castiel went out to get an easy fix of blood, nothing more. From that day on she vowed that she would always love her son no matter what, ensure that he will survive. Ugh. But authors either are MIA on AO3 as well, or changed, fic or art | rating | pairing/s | pregnancy/pre-pregnancy/post-pregnancy**. Dean cant bring himself to tell Sam the truth, and instead they decide to take a break from hunting and settle down. The baby isnt in the right position, Jeff quietly told him. Y/N, babyare you in labor? You sniffled and actually managed a nod as the pain subsided. Also fiber. With one last push and a loud, heart wrenching cry, the excruciating pain receded to a somewhat more tolerable level, and the fog cleared. Embarrassingly, a few tears slid down his cheeks. Family is complicated, but full of love and joy. Sam and Dean investigate a small town where there is a bar whose male patrons seem to be walking out pregnant. Because I know you, Jensen. Dean hates it, but Sam can't get enough of watching his dogs fuck Dean. The first "chapter" contains the summary because it's too long to put here. He wasnt hysterical yet, but it was a very close thing. Chapter 1. After the Apocalypse, Sioux Falls got a few new residents, who 10 years out, have settled in pretty well. Completed. Its too soon, Jensen cried out on the verge of completely breaking down. How do you know that? Jensen petulantly argued. Below, is a list of fanfics Ive collected over the years. Then again, things were progressing so quickly that he still might not have had enough time to make it to the hospital. But Jared wasnt the one carrying their very active and heavy ass kids around for eight months, so he didnt get a say in the matter. They've discussed the possibility of having children before, but never did anything about it. Dean didn't need any extra upsets right now. I've started writing Supernatural one-shots!! Im sorry, he groaned when Jeff got off the phone with 911 and Jared. Of course getting what you wish for is never as simple as it first appears and it isn't long before Dean discovers being with Castiel means getting a hell of a lot more than he bargained for.~~~Dean had known Cas to go over protective on him before, but this was ridiculous. ', fic | r | dean/sam | pregnancy | cursed pregnancy; sped-up pregnancy. Maybe a little more comfortable, and a little less stressful, but that was about it. Okay, Y/N, Im gonna have to check how umfar along you are. Sams face was bright red and you felt Deans grip on your hand tighten. Youre the strongest person I know, he panted into the phone as if he was out of breath from running. But I appreciate the offer. fic | t | gen | pregnancy | demonic pregnancy; sped up pregnancy. A pack of wolves finds him. When it was all said and done, you held you baby boy in your arms. fic | nc-17 | sam/dean | pre-pregnancy | daddy kink; heat/mating cycles; knotting. Youre pregnant.. Dean Winchester has always wanted a family, but at thirty-five it's starting to look like he may never get his wish. If Jensen hadnt been so focused on his test, he might have noticed sooner that he was actually in labor and everything else that followed might have been avoided. By logging in to LiveJournal using a third-party service you accept LiveJournal's User agreement. Not that Sam cares about that -- his only concern is that as much fun as watching Dean trying to stay (resentfully but obediently) flat on the floor with his stomach making that impossible is, he doesn't want the puppies to be hurt. The contractions are coming closer together, the pain's getting worse, and finally his water breaks. Now, get over here and give me your hand, you ordered. Dean gets lost in the woods. Jensen nodded tightly in response, accepting Jeffs offered hand and crushing it in his grip as another cramp tore through his stomach. Author: Sexytexanjra Pairing/s: None Word Count: just over 8,000 (yup this was trying t, Fanfic: Forty Weeks Ch 1, Supernatural | FanFiction, Fanfic: Pregnant Pause Ch 1, Supernatural | FanFiction, The following stories are all pregnant!Cas because thats my specialty. Too bad it was just down hill from here. I have to admit- I don't usually read fics that include mpreg!Jared, but i'm glad i decided to have a look at this one anyway because i quickly got into it and really enjoyed the fic. fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pre-pregnancy |. It doesn't take him long to get both of them whimpering for their alpha's knot and popping out healthy, strong puppies and nursing them. A pregnant man may not be an Act of God, but insurance sure as hell won't cover it regardless. fic | g | gen | pregnancy | angst; crack; cursed pregnancy. His hand lightly brushed his hair away from his sweaty forehead, before running through his hair and settling on the back of his neck, gently massaging the tight muscles. A few minutes later, with Jared clutching his hand and whispering encouragement in his ear, Jensen was once more lost in a haze of pain, pulled forward by the instinctual need to push. It's a good thing Dean likes layers and heavy jackets. Kaitlin Ackles and her sickly son Jensen, both red wolves, were both banished from her pack 30 years ago. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, No Archive Warnings Apply, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (182), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic description of Labor and Childbirth, British Men of Letters (Supernatural) Being Assholes, FWB to boyfriends who are having a baby together, Adam Milligan/Dean Winchester/John Winchester/Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester is Capable of Becoming Pregnant, Original Jessica Moore/Sam Winchester Child(ren), there will be a happy ending to this i promise, just be warned in advance that it is not a light read, they just go through a lot of shit before they get the happy ending, Castiel and Jimmy Novak are Twins (Supernatural), edited with Grammarly and a screen reader, not beta read i don't have friends to help me, Dean Winchester/Female Character - Freeform, Castiel Without Angelic Grace (Supernatural), Dean Winchester/Original Female Character(s). fic | nc-17 | dean/himself | pre-pregnancy | intersexed character; selfcest. I dont know what we would have done without you., You just stop by for a visit with some coffee and those twins of yours and well call it even.. #gabriel All Jensen had to do was pass this one last test. As I sit on the greyhound bus, I can t help but worry about Dean. You can do this. You had been pushing for what felt like hours. I cant have this baby, now! He was aware that he might be sounding a bit childish, but he was exhausted, and it wasnt just his stomach that hurt, his whole body ached and he wasnt sure he had the strength to deliver a second child. A puddle at your feet. Total Eclipse of the Heart (Supernatural Mpreg Dean), a supernatural fanfic | FanFiction. Except when he tried to get up, Jensen nearly started crying when he realized he was stuck in the chair. Mostly because of the baby currently cooking in his belly. No freakin way! Couldnt be far from the front line, in case anyone needed immediate medical attention, you know? After his brother goes to Hell to save the world, and things dont work out with him and Lisa, Dean decides to have a baby with the one person he can trust to be there for his child. Shes screaming and crying, but our translator was dead. "All ten fingers and toes. He noticed it just days after he broke out, a hot bullet deep in the pit of his stomach. I cant. He wasnt ready for this. That was great. Pregnant? This is his new start to have children that don't get themselves bound to demons like silly DOGS. It may end up to be one of the worst, or best, things to ever happen to the Winchester boys. The pain was too much. (Henry Winchester x fem!reader), Pizza & Movies (Death x reader{platonic}), A Series of Misunderstandings (Cain x partially deaf!fem reader) Soulmate AU, I'll Watch Over You (Dean Winchester x fem!reader), Important: Please Read (concerning requests), Saved From the Turn (Dean Winchester x reader), Pretty Please? You dont know that, Jensen pouted even if Jared couldnt see him. #spn Every decision has its consequences and it quickly appears that both Jared and Jensen will make many mistakes before finally finding happiness. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (26), Jensen Ackles/Original Male Character(s) (3), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Jared Padalecki/Original Male Character(s), Your Soul I Come Home To, Together We Make Another Anew, | Translation in Russian. Jensen had everything meticulously planned out, down to a T, so carefully detailed that he even had a list painstakingly crafted with all the finer factors. He knew Jared would be pissed after promising not to risk his life again. You still with me, son?. fic | r | castiel/dean, dean/omc | post-pregnancy |. A gluttony-induced bellyache leads to Sam and Dean discovering their belly!kinks. I do not own any Supernatural characters. The results are not pretty. I am not making any money from this.Beta:charlio4444AN: Written for the Fathers Day Comment-Fic Meme over at the Winchester Mpreg community. Jared watches the sunrise and thinks about his husband; thousands of miles away, and yet he still has Jensen's voice in his ear. Please consider turning it on! In Deans pack there is respect for every wolf from the highest rank to the lowest, everyone is equal. His eyes flickered as he steadied Jensen, leading him further into the building. And They Don't Even Call The Next Morning, Five Times Dean Winchester Did Not Get Knocked Up, A Fresh Twist to a Knot, Which I Do Not Wish to Untie, How to torture Dean with the ONE thing he really wants more than anything, family, I Put a Spell on You (Because You're Mine), Keep the Beauty locked and throw the key away, Jared is on his way here too. fic | nc-17 | dean/sam, castiel/tessa, bobby/ellen, adam/jo, lisa/zachariah | arranged marriage; dom/sub undertones; knotting. fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | post-pregnancy | angst; domestic; fluff. When Dean unexpectedly goes into heat, a soulless Sam offers to help him through it. Reposting with substantial changes, because of reasons. ! Dean nodded and didnt say another word. The angst of mpreg!Dean in s6 when soulless!Sam breeds him good and rough their first night back on the road, and then is completely disinterested in the pregnancy and milestones; looks annoyed and disgusted at Dean's morning sickness and heartburn; makes flippant, hurtful-but-factual comments about Dean's changing body; gives a mild smile and . He can either go into labor while taking the exam or while handing his exam into the professor. It took a lot of wiggling and finagling to finally get the desk top part of the chair out of the way, and then he had to build up some momentum before he could launch himself from his seat, having to stop once to let out a low, horrible moan as every muscle in his stomach and hips cramped in excruciating pain. That boyll break every speed limit and traffic law just to get here. The thought made him briefly smile. Not every kink is everyone's cup of tea. He barely made it to Jeffs desk, slapping his test down on the hard oak surface, before another intense wave of pain trampled through his belly forcing him to cry out and hunch over, hands gripping the edge of the desk tightly to keep him on his feet. If you want me to write a prompt for you in return as a thank you i will. fic | nc-17 | crowley/dean, dean/sam, alastair/dean, castiel/dean dean/omcs | pre-pregnancy |. Im so sorry, Professor.. Sam and Dean knew the older Winchester would be going into heat soon and both had planned for it. #samwinchester 2 (Dean Winchester x reader), Still Beautiful (Sam Winchester x fem!reader), One Kiss is All it Takes (Benny Lafitte x fem!reader), Hunt Gone Wrong (Charlie Bradbury x fem!reader), Hunters in Love (Bobby Singer x fem!reader), To Kill or Cure (Team Free Will x fem!demon reader), Mr. Fizzles Approves (Garth Fitzgerald IV x reader), He Can't Help But Stare (Cain x fem!Winchester reader), Charade (Crowley x fem!Winchester reader), Personalities (Sam Winchester x fem!reader), First Day on the Job(Dean Winchester x fem!demon reader), Hunter's Care (Sam Winchester x reader x Dean Winchester), Devil of a Choice(Sam Winchester x reader x Lucifer), Set Up (Team Free Will x fem!reader x Gabriel) High school AU, Overprotective Winchesters(Kevin Tran x fem!Winchester reader), First Day on the Job Pt. Take the baby, he gasped out to Jeff as the man finished clamping and cutting the umbilical cord. Prompt/Summary: Jensen is a college student and is almost 9 months pregnant and he is taking an exam. He was funny, intelligent, and witty and Jensen always found it extremely entertaining and intellectually stimulating to debate with the older man. It was too soon, wasnt the time and definitely not the date hed scheduled into his planner. fic | nc-17 | dean/sam, dean/omcs | pregnancy |. Dean was used as a breeder in Hell, and comes back pregnant with his next brood of demons. Oh yeah? Dean cocked a cheeky eyebrow, The chunks I blew at the side of the road back there would prove otherwise., Youre not sick, Cas repeated, deathly serious. It's supposed to be a simple hunt, but when the brothers get separated Dean finds himself at the mercy of a tentacle monster who's intending to use him as much as possible fic | r | castiel/dean, dean/ofc, castiel/daphne | homophobia; rule 63. Your healing mojo must be off, Dean grumbled. Dean hazily stops and slowly smiles happily at Sam as his brother's words slowly register in his brain. Meanwhile, Dean was freaking out. He hits it off with the owner and they wind up in bed together. Jared wouldnt be freaking out like this, Jared would go with the flow, make shit up on the spot if he had too. Can the unlikely couple from completely different words end up falling in love and becoming a family?Warnings: Mpreg obviously! I didn't know him. Sam loves to feed from Dean. #cain 3(Arthur Ketch x fem!Winchester) Soulmate AU, Behind Their Backs (Metatron x fem!reader), Love Yourself (Death x plus sized!reader), Fighting it is Useless -Final (Arthur Ketch x fem!Winchester reader) Soulmate AU, We Never Should Have Let Them Dance (Cain x fem!reader), Flirt (Dean Winchester x fem!reader x Arthur Ketch), Between Two Demons (Crowley x fem!reader), Dreams Become Reality pt. He loves sucking on Dean's nipples, pulling the milk from them, and fingers Dean or plays with Dean's cock while he does it. In the mean time, he may as well try out the new equipment. Over the years I have left many stories unfinished, but this is the number one story I wished I had finished. I answer, staring into the pot of boiling chili on the stove top. fic | nc-17 | dean/tentacle monster, dean/sam | pregnancy |. Is this a blessing or a curse? During a fun day event for the kids, in the small town of Harmony, the Alphas paths cross. But, a few weeks later, he isn't sure that was what Amara meant. #balthazar " Uhh..Hey Bobby." 2- One Year Later(Dean Winchester x fem!demon reader), Not the Same Dean(Demon!Dean/Dean Winchester x fem!reader), Dreams Become Reality (Crowley x fem!Winchester reader), Honey I'm Good (Dean Winchester x reader), Hairy Situation (Dean Winchester x fem!reader), Protected by Death(Death; Sam Winchester x fem!reader), Dreams Become Reality pt.2 (Crowley x fem!Winchester reader), Fighting it is Useless (Mr. Arthur Ketch x fem!Winchester) Soulmate AU, Fighting it is Useless pt. Sex happens. By this point Jensen was starting to panic a little. What was he supposed to do without Jared? 2 (fem!reader) Little Mermaid AU, Occasionally Clumsy (Arthur Ketch x fem!reader), I Hate You! Dean offers Cas help with his little mate problem. Fandom: Supernatural RPS. The streets are flooding bad, Dean said. You will find the fics arranged according to season. No clue what she was saying.. While Dean is hesitant to get into a relationship (both because of his self esteem and his worry that Castiel won't like/care for his baby), Castiel's willing to take his time winning him over, and show him that he loves every last bit of him. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the ), It would have been easier, he thought, if he had just said a stranger. Before Sam leaves for Stanford or right after, Dean comes out to John. So 20 hours later, I delivered that baby barely a hundred feet from the barricade with bullets whizzing past my head and having to leave twice to attend to injuries in my platoon. All ten fingers and toes. Got it? Pregnant!Castiel Pregnant!Dean 1, 2 Pregnant!Gabriel Pregnant!Sam Pregnant!other/s Comments? If you know any, Lesson Learned - Chapter 1 - Kadysn, PlatinumRoseLady - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own], The Angel's Work - Chapter 1 - rockondean - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own], Oneshot, Dean Mpreg, non wincest fic - Never back chat a pagan goddess of fertility, 2 Guys a Girl and a Mysterious Kid - Chapter 1 - Piperandleoxx4 - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own], A Fresh Twist to a Knot, Which I Do Not Wish to Untie - ratherastory - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own], Dean's Grace - LacklusterPuddles - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own], To Come Home To - Snickfic - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV) [Archive of Our Own], Seraph - Chapter 1 - Snickfic - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV) [Archive of Our Own], The Babysitting Job - Chapter 1 - Atreu - Original Work [Archive of Our Own], walviemort The bar erupted into applause again as the dying chord rang out and Castiel dared to open his eyes and turned to see Dean. Jared and Jensen have been trying to start a family for two years, but every time Jensen conceives, it ends in a miscarriage. Why did the man have a blanket in his office? fic | r | dean/sam | pregnancy | crack; schmoop; tentacles; wing fic. When Dean goes into labor, Sam is determined to be as supportive as possible, except he's hiding something - He's in labor, too. Dazed from the last contraction, it took him a few moments to realize something wet and slimy was running down his legs. Dean and Cas, friends since college, have a one night stand. Thank you! Slowly aging, all powerful since birth, and hunting monsters. Sam was a different story altogether. When, what was definitely a labor contraction and not Braxton Hicks forced a strangled gasp from him and broke his concentration again, Jensen knew he could no longer deny it. Jeff quickly gathered the tests and threw them in his bag, before hooking an arm around Jensens and leading him out the room. For once he could look out for and protect HIS brother. fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, balthazar/sam | pregnancy | heat/mating cycles; knotting; oral sex; wing fic. You had bigger things to worry about. Youre the strongest woman I know. Second genders have taken the world by storm and a chubby, submissive, insecure, fast-food loving omega Dean finds himself pregnant by a certain angel. The wolf pack was able to also live peacefully with humans. PREGNANT?!". fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pre-pregnancy | d/s; incubi/succubi; self-lubrication; vampires. Enjoy! Anytime he asked you if you were okay, youd put on a smile and assure him that you were and it was probably just the discomfort of being nine months pregnant with his kid. You jumped slightly. The only things that make Dean important are that he looks good with a dog on top of him, and his stomach is fucking gorgeous all swollen out from, fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, sam/gabriel | pregnancy | cursed pregnancy, Im a Sower. Youre no fun, you know that, right? Dean pouts and crosses his arms like a petulant child, but its fine. Team free will goes on a case to find a girl with strange powers and Dean who forgot his memory for over a year when he was going to get Sam can they descover the truth or not? Thankfully, he has something someone. The encounter leaves Dean pregnant, and to make matters worse the restoration of his soul leaves Sam with no memory of what happened. His brows were furrowed in concern. His lists were necessary, even if his fianc, Jared, didnt think so and laughed at the very idea. Just hang on.. His professor grabbed his phone and dialed his fianc, briefly explaining the situation before putting his cellphone on speaker and laying it near Jensens face. By logging in to LiveJournal using a third-party service you accept LiveJournal's User agreement. Graduation night changes Jensens whole world and freshly graduated with hopes of becoming an artist in Paris he finds himself in a difficult predicament he could never imagined himself being. Castiel wrestles with this new insecurity, while Dean does everything in his power. So I have to have this kid here? ! screamed Dean.. The pup, my lord.. pl..please. Sam was still pretty worried about well, about a lot of things really, but had decided it would be better to just keep his concerns to himself from here on out. Sam will do whatever it takes to stop him. Jeff should so be their godfather since he was already looking out for them before they were even born!! One more and I think weve got it. Castiel is dragged along to the class one night by his sister, Anna. What happens next is up to the writer. Or the story in which Jensen is 8 months pregnant and goes into labor with his twins during his final exam and Professor Morgan is awesome.Rating: P-13 for slash, mpreg, semi graphic description of birth, and a few curse wordsDisclaimer: I do not own nor do I know Jared, Jensen or JDM. He didnt stop to think what that might mean. aww, how cute!! The tiny baby was reverently placed into his arms as Jared carefully picked up their first son from the couch and cradled him to his chest. 'The Adventures of Bobby John' and 'Anyone Else But You' seem to have been fully deleted, but 'The Wolf and The Walker' can be found on here. Castiel was unsure what to do as well. Suggestions? REQUESTS ARE OPEN! You can do this, babe.. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Due to the incredible support of the community, we've raised US$252,343.98 with an average donation of $32.14, and added 6450 new members this drive. I realize a lot of people wont give the story a chance because theres no Dean/Cas romance, but thats how the story has to be. While their personalities often clashed leading to some of the worst moments and most horrendous fights in their relationship, they also complemented each other perfectly adding to an increasing pile of greatest moments in their life, one of them being their twins. Ack, seems "The Adventures of Bobby John", "Anyone Else But You" and "The Wolf and The Walker" are no longer working (could be more though). fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, dean/sam | pre-pregnancy |. I need to check something. Jeff placed his hands on his stomach and prodded the sore, tender area. You're my Queen. Everyone else finishing early, except a few others, Jensen ended up being the one of last people left in the testing room with Professor Morgan overseeing, sitting at his desk, feet kicked up and reading what might have been a Stephen King novel. Apparently Dean and Castiel have been very busy in the future. Hes driving Sam crazy and its up to Sam to show Dean that its okay to relax and enjoy the holiday. Domestic fluff. Dean punctuates this by winding his arms around his midsection, like even the memory of the pain is too much to bear with their usual stoicism. With his youngest twin still tucked tightly against his chest, Jensen was already starting to drift off again, but snapped awake. In this AU, Men do not get pregnant!Warnings: Mpreg, porny parts(mild!). Y/Ns in labor and we cant get to the hospital because of the storm. This leads to a saddening and angelic hospital stay for Dean. Thanks for the heads up! Good hunting genes are an important part of being a hellhound. Dealing with incomprehensible symptoms, taking care of Sumiko and seeking answers, they'll have to face something that will jeopardize their quiet and domestic life. tom fauntleroy biography, market street deli menu pocomoke, shooting in fayetteville, nc today,
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